PPC Compaign Management

PPC allows your business to get to the top position on search engines. Our experts identify the keywords and long-tail keywords and optimize them for significant Return On investment.


Keyword Research

WhiteHat Web Chimp offers keyword generator or keyword tool that can be helpful in jumpstarting your PPC keyword research and discovery process. Our keyword tools are also helpful in expanding and continue to find the most long-tail keywords for your PPC Campaigns. Along with this, they eliminate the bad keywords that are not an effective use of your PPC budget.

Ad Creation

Our expertise create an advertisement for your brand, product or services that targets a specific keyword or behaviour. There are three types of pay-per-click marketing ads that our experts are using: Text Ads, Display Ads and Shopping Ads. Text Ads are most commonly triggered through the Search Networks-when users search on Google or Bing for a keyword held within your PPC campaign. However, Display Ads are contextually placed on websites where the advertiser’s target market visits. Shopping Ads typically contains an image of a product, its price, and any pertinent specifications like size, colour, dimensions, etc.

Landing Page Development

Our experts will provide you with the most distinct landing page for your website. So that your landing page will improve the paid search campaigns, increases conversations, and generate data and insights. Our experts will provide you with lots of landing pages that can accommodate your conversions if you hoping to boost your bottom line.

brand Design

Campaign Launch

WhiteHat Web Chimp offers the best services to launch a campaign on social media platforms viz. social media channels and search engines like google, Bing, etc. Before launching an Ad campaign, our expertise first focuses on the customer’s taste, what they want and what they are looking for. They use tools that will work as a gold miner in your paid ads campaigns. And these tools will help in getting top ranking keywords, with their search volumes, CPC (Cost Per Click), Competition, etc.


Monitor Performance

Our experts check the quality score of your PPC Campaign, which is the most important metric of the PPC process. Quality Score is the score Google gives on your ad to determine your ranking. Here, our experts focus on monitoring the quality score and trying to improve it to gain a better ranking.


Analysis and Feedback

To get a successful PPC audit, the next step is to analyze your audience. Your audience is a key component of your PPC analysis. Our experts will analyze your competitors and the keywords your competitors use in their campaigns and accordingly they will find new keywords for your campaign. PPC analysis helps you gain a strong understanding of your PPC campaign performance.

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