Why WordPress is the best choice for your next website project?

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    Why WordPress is the only best option for you & your business ?

    It is one of the most crucial and curious question if you are planning to create a brand new website or even if you are fed up with your current version of website and want to re-design your website. However, my personal best choice is WordPress Website Development and I am going to explain and discuss almost every bit in detail.

    Well, regardless, when it comes to creating or designing a new website, there are many things to consider. You should plan before-hand whether you are planning to create a CMS platform or eCommerce platform or what sort of platform are you planning to move forward with. Even before you plan the platform, you need to imagine the kind of website you want to develop. Whether you website is all about the information, content, events, online courses, membership sites, vouchers, coupons or products etc.

    Once you have decided about your requirements, you can check with your concerned developer about the process and discuss the features that you are looking for in your website. Everyone will come with a different set of advises, but eventually as you are the owner of website and you are going to pay for any development work and also you are the one who has to input your content or product or services on it on an ongoing basis, so it should be easy and comfortable for you to carry out the next phase of the process. Hence, it is going to be your own decision what platform you want to move forward with in terms of development.

    There are many other platforms who are competing against WordPress to grab the marketshare, but it is very obvious from the statistics that WordPress enjoys approx 33% of the marketshare just because of the ease of use and lucrative design benefits and many other features that they provide to users like me and you. You might still be wondering or may be scared, “Whether WordPress is a right choice for your upcoming website project?”

    Well, you are very right to be scared. There is nothing wrong about it. Even I was scared when I first started and nobody was there to guide me. But after these many years and dealing with too many options, I am very much confident and can guide or advise you about the ease of use about the wordpress platform and how can you easily keep adding your data on the website backend.

    After these many years of development process and within the industry, I have partnered with the best hosting companies so that you don’t have to spin your head around. Once you have read through this article, I highly recommend you get in touch with me.

    I can advise you the best options for your project. If you are comfortable developing your website you can of-course do it or you can hire me, as we have years of experience and the right team of experts to bring you the best of both worlds i.e. hosting and development process.

    Let me explain you in detail, why WordPress is the right choice for website development.


    WordPress – Open Source Platform

    WordPress is an open source platform. What it means is that it has been licensed under General Public Licence (GPLv2 – or later). And you receive the licence version of WordPress for free. This licence provides below functionalities & benefits :

    1. You can use the software for any purpose.
    2. You can check how the overall software works and then you edit or customise as per your requirements.
    3. You can change bits & pieces and you can distribute it further.
    4. You are authorised to distribute your version of copy to others.

    What this means that you are 100% free to use the WordPress software whatever the way you want. You are legally an owner of your copy and you can edit, design and create newer version of yours and redistribute it. There are many other CMS platforms who charge hefty fees just to let you use their platform. Contrarily, WordPress allows you to customise the software as per your choice and desire, no restrictions whatsoever.

    Free to use

    WordPress platform is 100% free, no strings attached. Further, there are many free themes and plug-ins to design your website. You can literally do anything you can imagine and extend capabilities even further as per your needs.

    You just need to take care of your domain name i.e. website name and hosting. I will guide you through how you can plan and choose your domain and also the best hosting.

    Honestly, choosing a hosting these days is not an easy job. You need to comply with Google standards. Google has also introduced Core Web Vitals and you are required to comply with the measures as reflected in their indications for your current website if any and also the new website that you are planning to develop. That’s why I highly recommend you find a good developer who can assure you about this compliance and I also recommend you not to make any compromise with hosting, because a good hosting that provides caching facility and a global CDN is highly recommended if you want to comply with Google’s Core Web Vitals.

    A huge community

    WordPress has been in the market for a very long time. There are lots of contributors who keep developing new features on an ongoing basis. They keep creating new plug-ins to extend new functionalities and thereby make this free software a priceless piece. Even if you need any support from the community, there is always someone available.

    SEO Friendly

    This is a very essential concept to consider, when you are into websites. If you can’t input your SEO details on your web pages or the product pages on the website, then it will be very hard for you in future. Because for any changes, you would need to contact your developer and hiring a developer for every tiny job will cost you a lot.

    Well, you are covered if you have chosen move ahead with WordPress, because you don’t need hefty development process. You just need a plug-in and that’s it. Also, WordPress itself is developed while keeping Search Engine Optimisation SEO in mind. It produces semantic markup which makes it very easy for crawlers and search engines to crawl and index your website. Don’t ask me what a crawler is…

    Well, when it comes to SEO, I highly recommend going ahead with a plug in called RankMath, I will explain and discuss about its features later.

    Easily Manageable

    Well, it would be very obvious by now that you can easily manage your WordPress website. Even a newbie can easily manage it, as it is a very self-explanatory. There are some automatic updates for few things to take care of the vulnerabilities, while there are other updates which you need to do it manually, however you can always click a button to auto-update them.


    You can start with a small website and can expand your website to a large enterprise website. There are many big websites like New York Post, New York Observer, TED, USA Today, Walt Disney, CNN, Fortune.com, People, TIME.com, Spotify, TechCrunch, AMC, BBC America, CBS Local, NBC, Mercedes-Benz, and the U.S. Department of Defence, which are developed on WordPress. Your WordPress site can handle any amount of traffic, so far as you have chosen a smart hosting service provider. Even

    Multiple Media Options

    WordPress is such a smart piece of software that it provides almost all sorts of solutions for your requirements. I can recommend it even if you would ask me while I am sleeping. WordPress admin panel is very rigid & flexible. It can handle any sort of media files whether it is a text file, PDF file, videos, infographics, audio recordings, photos, galleries etc.

    There is also an option to embed your videos whether it is a YouTube video, Tweets, Facebook posts or Instagram reels or photos,

    Frankly speaking, you can easily rely upon WordPress without any sort of hesitation.

    I am going to come up with a better solution if you are looking forward a brand new website and I highly recommend you get in touch, because I have cracked the code and how can we bring you a website that would surely comply with Google’s latest standards, so far as you follow the procedure I advise you.

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